Baume Blush is a new tallow based make-up balm. Easy to apply, adding sheer color and glow to your skin. It can be used as a blush or lip tint, blended into a lip balm. It can also be applied to eyelids and make blue or green eyes pop with color. It does not go crumbly or cakey. It is easy to work with, using a brush and the top of your hand to blend and apply from. Remember, a little goes a long way. 

I believe that makeup should make your skin happy and unfortunately, that is seldom the case. So that’s why I decided to make these make-up balms. They are based on single origin tallow (moisturizing & skin protective), bees wax (humectant), flower petals (nourishing & skin boosting), silk proteins (protects against pollution & moisturizes), pearls (balance), natural french clays, zinc oxide (UV protection), Zeolite (UV protection and skin healing), ethically sourced micas & LOVE.  

I blend my colors using prime colored micas, floral powders, powdered gems and clays. I try to blend colors that can be used by lighter & darker skin tones, so they will compliment your skin through the seasons. All make-up balms are handmade and artisan products made to order.

My make-up balms are not opaque and they do not cover your skin. Since I do not like that look myself, I do not wish to make products that promote it. I never liked the look or feel of a powdered, chalky or covered face. But I do love a delicious dewy look, where your natural and unique appearance will shine through. I believe healthy skin is something to strive for, instead of making up your face, using unhealthy products.

Our skin needs to breathe and then we can apply a little color, glitter and light on top of that, in a beautiful and natural way, that compliments us in a subtle way. 

Comes in a 5ml amber glass jar (6g product), in 4 colors ( 29€ / 220 DKK

Ingredients: Beef Tallow, beeswax, rose petals, zinc oxide (no nano), zeolite (no nano), superfine kaolin clay, micas: sericite, red, yellow, blue, white, gold & LOVE

*Wildly Foraged or Organic Produce

Product Disclaimer: Maison Frost is handmade to order, artisan products. No skincare product works the same for all, always patch test before use. Read full disclaimer in our terms of use.

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