Pink Amber is a luxurious Hibiscus, Rose and Baltic amber mask. It is a deep cleansing and glow stimulating mask. It helps to soften, firming and deeply cleanse your skin in a very unique and mild way (no essential oils or other harsh ingredients are added). Pink Amber solely work its magic, from the flower petals from Hibiscus (Nature’s botox, skin firming), Damascus Roses (astringent, skin lightening, moisturizing), powdered baltic amber (natural antibiotic, deep cleansing, pore minimizing, gently exfoliating, skin firming), silk (pollution protection, humectant, transdermal) and clay (cleansing, balancing). The mask reduces the size of pores, it boosts the skin’s elasticity and its suppleness. It lightens spots and pigmentation and smoothens fine lines.

The mask comes with 6 natural cotton sheet masks, which can be softened with flower hydrolate, aloe vera juice, tea or milk as desired. Just as you can mix the mask in the type of liquid you want, which makes it a very versatile mask. I recommend using yogurt (lactic acid gives a wonderful gentle peeling), egg whites (is a glow booster & humectant) or honey (which is a natural moisturizer and moisture protector, honey both lightens pigmentation and creates glow). 1 teaspoon of the mask must be used for 1-2 tablespoons of liquid, which means there is approx. 12 face and neck treatments in the glass. It can be used as a peeling and scrub mask, where it is massaged gently for the first 2-3 minutes, after which it should be left on for approx. 15 minutes. It can also be used with a sheet mask for a deeper cleanse, collagen boost, moisture and glow. On top of the sheet mask you can easily use heat treatment (for deeper absorption of the active ingredients. Just as you can use negative ion massage, the mask can be left on for up to 30 minutes with a sheet mask.

Pink Amber comes in a 60 ml amber glass jar w/6 cotton sheet masks and wooden dosage spoon 45€ / 340 DKK. Pink Amber Refill in bag: 35€ / DKK 265 (incl. 6 sheet masks) will be available in the shop from May.

Ingredients: *Hibiscus 🌺, Pink French Clay, Baltic Amber Powder, *Damascus Roses, Silk Protein (Natural, untreated, non-GMO). This mask has a long shelf life of 24M+

*Wildly Foraged or Organic Produce

Product Disclaimer: Maison Frost is handmade to order, artisan products. No skincare product works the same for all, always patch test before use. Read full disclaimer in our terms of use.

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