A serum like mist to restore your skin´s natural moisture balance. Reduce redness, even skin tone, balance sebum production, reduce inflammation, hydrate, soften and plumps up your skin.

This mist is made with thermal water distilled with Rose “rosa damascena” (mild astringent & anti-inflammatory) or Orange Blossom (antibacterial & antioxidant rich) , German Chamomile (soothing & toning), Marshmallow root (deep hydration & improves the skin barrier). I have added Copper peptides (restores damage from free radicals and promotes collagen/elastin production) and Zinc Peptides (enhance skin repair & improves the skin elasticity). Vitamin B3 Niacinamide (improves hydration, reduce redness, reduce pore size, reduce pigmentation), Silk peptides (skin barrier shield & skin softening) & natural glycerin (protective & long lasting hydration). This serum-like mist, will help to retain moisture in the skin, leaving it silky smooth & supple.

Essential oil free formula. Suitable for all skin types. 

Apply “LIVING WATER” after your face rinse/face mask, drench your skin until dewy, with the mist and apply Serum N˚ 1 and finish with your Balm of choice. This 3 step regimen will create full protection during the day.

“LIVING WATER” Comes in two variants Rose or Orange Blossom in a 50ml spray amber glass bottle.

(265 dkk)

Ingredients: *Rose Hydrosol (rosa damascena) only in Rose variant, *Orange Blossom hydrosol only in Orange blossom variant, Thermal water hydrosol with (*Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), *Marshmallow Root), Copper Peptides (no nano), Zinc Peptides (no nano), Niacinamide (Natural Vit B3), Silk Peptides (Non GMO), *Vegetable Glycerin & Isocide (Ecocert approved preservative less than 0.6%) & LOVE

*Wildly Foraged or Organic Produce

Product Disclaimer: Maison Frost is handmade to order, artisan products. No skincare product works the same for all, always patch test before use. Read full disclaimer in our terms of use.

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