This serum is a refreshing potpourri of flowers made to soothe, heal, support and balance the sensitive skin below the eyes/lid and make the area around your beautiful eyes, bloom with goodness and health 

This eye serum is made with two oils Flower infused Golden Jojoba (low PUFA) and Emu oil (From the bird). This is a tallow free formula, bc tallow is a bit too heavy for the sensitive and slightly thinner skin under the eyes/lids. I have used balancing and fastly absorbing Golden Jojoba and anti-oxidant rich Emu oil to soothe, nourish and promote elasticity in this area.

In this serum I have used Rose Damascena (to reduce redness & balance sebum), Blue Cornflowers (to reduce inflammation, promote microcirculation & reduce Milia), Provence Lavender (to calm & even out skin tone), German Chamomile (to reduce dark circles & soothe irritation), Orange Blossom (to reduce puffiness & fine lines), Darjeeling Tea (to reduce swelling & protect against damage from free radicals). No essential oils are added to this formula only flower buds and the finest Darjeeling.

Apply using the roller directly on the sensitive skin under the eyes. Gently pad on the under eye area and lid, with a gentle and tapping motion. Do not use force or massage around this area it might create more harm than good, just be gentle.

Suitable for all skin types – Essential Oil Free!

10 ml amber glass roller

Price 189 in DKK 

Ingredients: *Golden Jojoba Oil, Emu Oil, Natural Vitamin E,*Rosa Damascena, Cornflower, Orange Blossom, Lavandula Augustifolia, Chamomile, Darjeeling Tea, Natural Vitamin E & LOVE

*Wildly Foraged or Organic Produce

Product Disclaimer: Maison Frost is handmade to order, artisan products. No skincare product works the same for all, always patch test before use. Read full disclaimer in our terms of use.

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